Led Strip Lights

Submersible Led Strip Light

There are a wide variety of LED lights available in many different shapes and sizes, however perhaps the most versatile and unique in design are LED strip lights.  Modern technology has revolutionised contemporary lighting and LED light strips have become increasingly popular with interior designers and do-it-yourself homeowners because of the creative uses for this product.  These lights come in long, thin strips that can be easily trimmed to the desired length.  EcoLamp LED strip lights are equipped with self-adhesive backing tape, making them easy to fix to any surface.  The thin profile makes these lights very discrete and ideal for accent lighting or hard to illuminate areas, such as around shelving, cabinets or windows.  Additionally, Ecolamp LED strip lights come in a variety of different colours, making it easy to create dramatic effects if desired.  LED light strips emit high light level compared to a standard light and all from a very small bulb, making them excellent for highlighting a display or object, whilst the light fixture itself is virtually invisible.  EcoLamps range of  water resistant, weather proof and submersible LED strip make it possible to accentuate swimming pools, ponds, landscaping or other outdoor features.Coloured Led Strip Light Blue

Undoubtedly LED light strips are extremely versatile and appeal to designers, business and home owners creativity.  However, perhaps more importantly, these lights also offer environmental and economic benefits.  LED light strips are specifically designed to provide an eco-friendly, energy saving lighting system.  These lights require less energy to produce the same light output as other light sources such as CFLs and incandescents. Tests show that LED lights can save energy compared with traditional lighting, making them highly economical.  As LED lighting does not rely on a filament it makes LED light strips resistant to shock and vibration.  Consequently making them a very reliable option.

Warm White Led Strip Light

Anyone considering lighting options for their home or business should consider EcoLamp LED strip lights. Not only are our products highly versatile and extremely economical, they are also a smart, long-term and environmentally responsible choice.

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