Led Globes

LED Light globe Edison screw E27Tread the path to a lighter and brighter tomorrow with the use of EcoLamp LED light globes for all your lighting needs. These energy efficient led light bulbs are consumer friendly and wallet friendly too. Their basic function is to emit maximum light output while keeping a cool demeanor all around in comparison to the incandescent light bulbs which are becoming now a thing of the past.

It is not merely hearsay but a proven fact that other than being the brightest they also give the highest color rendering index (CRI) in your house or office. Emitting more light by using the least possible power is what makes LED globes a wonderful eco-friendly product.

Led light bulbs have a life span of many times that of the normal light bulb or fluorescent bulb option. On a rough estimate this means that a normal light bulb installed today would need to be changed after 3 decades. Now of coarse there are many factors involved in the lifespan of any light however LED is defiantly an extremely durable option.

Enlighten and heighten your moods with the LED light bulbs by selecting from a range of cool or warm colour temperatures. With dimming option and no flickering for a there is and LED light bulbs suit every ambience and complement your style of living.

Ecolamp bulbs are void of harmful elements such as mercury, lead, etc. and are safe enough to recycle after its years of usage. They do not emit any Ultraviolet rays and are easy on the eyes. Another great feature is that they start immediately when switched on giving full light when you need it rather than taking time to warm to full strength light Compact fluorescent alternatives. In comparison to the fragile incandescent light bulbs which draw greater amounts of power as well as cut into the home budget, these Led light bulbs is energy efficient and saves up to 80-90% power while giving 100% light output.

For information about our full range of LED Globes and lights contact us and we will help you make you home use less energy in lighting.

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