Home and Office Benefits of Using Energy Saving Lighting

The recent economic problems prompted many households and businesses to find ways on how to lessen monthly expenses.  For homeowners they considered cutting down their gasoline usage or trimming down their grocery list.  Business owners, on the other hand, plan on the purchase and requisition of office supplies and they save on gasoline expenses.  Aside from this, both homeowners and businesses also save money on energy cost by using Light Emitting Diode or LED light bulbs.

What is an LED Light Bulb?

ALED light bulb is a cluster of individual lights or units that produce a white light. Thenumbers of units or individual lights in LED determine the tone of lighting that fit to the preference of a homeowner or a business owner. Also, the use of LED light isnot new.  Christmas lights, popular exterior icicle strings, rope lights, and many more are LED lights.

One difference of LED light bulbs as compared to other bulbs is that its light is emanated from a solid object; while from a vacuum or a gas for ordinary bulbs.

LED light bulbs offer more cost-efficient benefits as compared to other bulbs like:

LED Lights are Energy Efficient.You can save energy to as much as 30% by using LED light as compared to using CFL. While you save energy to as much as 84% as compared to using incandescent bulb.  Another reason why LED is energy efficient is that it burns cooler than other bulbs unlike incandescent lightthatreleases 98% of its energy as heat.

LED Lights Last Longer.LED light bulbs can last for as much as 50,000 up to 100,000 hours.  On the other hand, CFLs only last for as much as 10,000 hours while to as much as 1,000 hours for incandescent light bulbs.Even though the cost per bulb of LED lights is comparably higher that CFLs and incandescent, LEDs doesn’t need frequent changing.  Thus, homeowners and business owners save the trouble of frequently going out to buy replacement bulbs.

LED Lights are Durable.Unlike other bulbs that usefragile tubes and filaments, LED light bulbs uses more durable materials that are heat resistant.  LED lights are cooler and endure shock as compared to CFLs and incandescent.

More so, the lumen per watt of LED is at an average 55 while incandescent is only 15.  Thus, it is more efficient to use LED for kitchen lighting, offices, and other places.  It can also be used for dimmers and it is easy to install too.

LED Lights Reduce Pollution.By reducing energy use and cost, using LED light bulbs also help in the reduction of pollution.   LED can last longer that other bulbs and it contain no mercury that are harmful to human and the environment.

Homeowners and business owners could switch to LED light bulbs.  They could enjoy its many cost-efficient benefits and they help reduce pollution too!