Five Reasons Why You Should Use LED Lighting

People are keeping up with the different technological advancement. Firstly, because of the basic reason that technology helps people live an easier life. Take for example a modest and basic car design to hi-tech sun-powered modern cars, from gas operated ovens to microwave, and from a simple bulb now came light emitting diode (LED).

LED is one of the latest evolutions in consumer electronics—it makes every home brighter. But aside from this, there are five reasons why many consumers shift to LED like:

  1. Longevity.Consumers like you look for a product that are durable that could last for a longer time and LED perfectly fits your specification for longevity. LED light bulbs can brighten your home for up to 50,000 hours of use. Some LED light bulbs can even last up to 100,000 hours unlike CFLs that can give you up to 10,000 hours while just a mere 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs.
  2. Durability.LED is easier to maintain and uses more durable materials. It does not burn out like other bulbs or consumer electronics. With LED, the quality of its light slowly degrades after some time but it retains around 70% of its lights output during the first 50,000 hours life span. More so, LED light bulbs also burn cooler, heat resistant and it does not use any delicate filaments and tubes like incandescent. It is shock proof too; thus, saving you from the hassle of often replacing and buying new bulbs.
  3. Energy-saver.LEDs use less electricity for about 50 to 90%unlike incandescent that produces around 98% of its energy into heat. Also, LED has 55 lumens per watt which is by far higher than incandescent bulbs that only yield 15 lumens per watt. The lumen determine how bright is the light bulb, thus by using one LED light bulb is like using 3 to almost 4 incandescent bulbs. You needed more incandescent bulbs to brighten your home and this adds up to your electricity bills.
  4. Environment-friendly.Using LED light bulbs is also saving energy and that is a fact. More so, LEDs doesn’t contain any mercury that is harmful to you and your family. It also doesn’t release ultraviolet radiation and infrared light. You can efficiently use LEDs for spotlights since its light molecules are easily directed to a specific spot without wasting light energy.
  5. Value for Your Money.There are many advantages of using LEDs than other light bulbs. So, although LEDs are higher priced than most bulbs, its benefits pay for itself especially that LEDs can last until 11 years. You are saved from the trouble of wasting time going to the store for replacement bulbs but the best thing is, you save money and the environment too.