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Live Green...Play Green...

The design of many homes and business’s are heavily reliant on artificial lighting thus adding to the strain on the environment. Electricity usage in Australia is responsible for half of all the energy used by households. Far worse is the fact that it leads to 85% of the greenhouse gas emissions. At EcoLamp we strive to provide energy efficient LED lighting products that can reduce the environmental impact of lighting. Our latest range of LED globes focus on direct size replacements from halogen globes to LED Globes for most fittings. We want to see a better use of the planets resources so future generations can prosper. If we Live Green today our legacy will be a greener inherit our legacy.

About Us

The founders of Ecolamp have a solid background in the lighting industry. With the inception of EcoLamp came a way to make a difference. The goal save power and save the planet. With every LED Light or Globe that is manufactured, purchased and used we incrementally make this a better planet to live on.

The Environment

By simply replacing old globes with an EcoLamp replacement LED Globe you can reduce the energy usage by 86% when comparing and 50w incandescent with a 7w E27 LED Bulb. This would approximately amend the potential greenhouse gas emissions generated from lighting to between 1-2%

Energy Saving Lights

There are many options to reduce the amount of energy being used being used by the lighting in a building. EcoLamp produce a range a extra bright LED globes that are a direct replacement size for traditional globe making the transition smooth and easy.

Pride in our Products

EcoLamp believe in developing products that are leading the way in Environmentally Friendly Lighting. Our LED Globes are manufactured to contain no Mercury or harmful gasses that are commonly found in Compact fluorescent light bulbs. EcoLamp LED lighting products do not emit any UV Radiation.